Do Your Employees Miss Key Sales Opportunities?

Do They Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience?

How Skilled Are Your Employees?
How Skilled Are Your Employees?
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Can you answer YES to these questions?

Do your parts and service employees

  • obtain valuable customer information, e.g., name, phone number, location,
  • ask sound diagnostic questions,
  • offer additional parts or repairs for the job requested,
  • ask whether other parts or repairs are needed in addition to what was requested,
  • offer promotional- or safety-related items to customers, and

Do your salespeople

  • discover the customer’s buying motive,
  • offer complimentary references,
  • determine who makes the buying decision,
  • overcome requests to provide quotes by e-mail or fax and
  • promote dealership services, including the service department, and
  • make a concerted effort to GET AN APPOINTMENT?


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Equipment Sales Training
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