You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

When customers call your dealership how your phones are answered creates a mental image in the minds of customers about:

  • your products,

  • your service, and

  • your people.

Do your receptionists make a GREAT first impression when customers call your dealership?

Do your receptionists:

  • Clearly state the name of your dealership.

  • Sound patient and helpful

  • Obtain valuable customer information

  • Inform the customer before placing them on hold or transferring

  • Obtain valuable customer information

  • Provide an exceptional customer experience?

CSS Receptionist Customer Service Training Program

The CSS Receptionist Customer Experience Training Program will teach your employees how top receptionists we evaluated handle customers.

  • CSS plays actual recordings so your employees hear the techniques used by top performers.

  • CSS informs employees they will be tested after the training with an unannounced recorded performance evaluation.

  • CSS conducts individual coaching sessions and reviews each employee’s assessment and recording.

Only $199 per employee


How Effective and Consistent are
Your Parts and Serivce Employees.
Find out with our FREE Performance Evaluation Offer.
CSS will evaluate up to 3 parts
and service employees at no charge.