Kenny Eaton – “I really liked the CSS training program…”

I really liked the CSS training program and found the program to be really great. The program has helped me a lot – and using the techniques I learned in the training, I have found that customers are much more willing to work and do business with us, which really helps our sales.

Joe Leitner – “I really enjoyed the CSS training program…”

I really enjoyed the CSS training program, so many times you go to a training program and it falls really short of your expectations. The CSS training program was the most informational and practical training program I’ve attended because it gave me practical techniques I could immediately apply with customers. I see the program has us going in the correct direction to increase our sales and help our customers.

Stewart Matychuk – “I would highly recommend Jim Facente and Creative Sales Solutions”

We contracted Creative Sales Solutions to mystery shop all of our parts advisors by phone. I was happy to find out after the initial phone calls that my staff scored higher than average. However, there was still room for improvement in a couple of basic areas, such as asking for the sale or promoting our service department to do the work.

Jim Facente worked with my staff and reviewed their individual results and coached them on wh at they needed to do differently to take them to the next level. All of them were very appreciative of the advice and no one felt threatened by the process or the trainer. We immediately noticed an increase in sales as well as customer satisfaction by simply following the simple steps Jim gave them as part of their training.

I would highly recommend Jim Facente and Creative Sales Solutions to anyone that wants to take their staff to the next level.

Mike Loscheider – “We’re definitely comfortable recommending Creative Sales Solutions…”

We feel we have seen a difference in our employees’ approach to customer service, the questions they ask and th eir over all level of professionalism since beginning our relationship with Creative Sales Solutions. The training is great and the mystery shops are very valuable. However, we may need to revisit additional training down the road to reinforce the process to make sure employees have taken the training seriously and remain focused. We’re definitely comfortable recommending Creative Sales Solutions to other association members.

Mike Hass – “I have noticed a big difference…”

The CSS customer service and sales training program has not only helped me increase sales but has given me a process to use to ensure that I get customer information,  find out if the customer has other problems besides what they ask about and establish how we are going to be paid. I have noticed a big difference in customer reaction when I answer the phone and not only state my name but ask how I can help the customer.

Tim Carnagey – “I would clearly recommend this training to others”

The two biggest changes I noticed taking place during the training program was our employees used their names and identified their departments when answering the phone. Prior to that, you were lucky to get the department name. I feel that by stating your name it helps employees connect to customers. Additionally, if the customer needs to call back for some reason they know who to ask for by name. As I had hoped for in signing up for the training, I am witnessing carryover of the training to our walk-in customers. I personally have watched our staff make an effort to do add-on sales to walk-in customers.

I would clearly recommend this training to others. Too much of our training is spent on hard skills related to product and brand. We all tend to forget we are in a people business and strong soft skills in dealing with customers are highly important to our future.


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