Tom Showalter – “I strongly recommend the use of the mystery shopper program…”

Jim prepared an in-depth analysis of Herc-U-Lift sales and customer service personnel. He was able to compare our results against industry standards and suggest strategies to improve any deficiencies. Jim, having performed many of the jobs our people do, was able to effectively train employees by using real examples from his dealership and sales experience. He truly understands the challenges our people face in the market and provided the strategy to improve our performance. I strongly recommend the use of the mystery shopper program to any dealership that wants to truly promote superior customer service. I have signed up for ongoing training.

Liz Richards – “I highly recommend Jim and this program.”

With Jim’s extensive background and experience in the material handling industry, he is well suited to provide expert training and advice on selling to material handling professionals who interact with customers. The mystery shopping program available through Jim’s company, Creative Sales Solutions, offers an ideal way to evaluate and train your inside salespeople and technicians to en sure the y are uncovering all the potential business and sales opportunities from their customer base. I highly recommend Jim and this program.

Jim MacGregor – ” …it proved quite beneficial.”

Jim provided our dealership with the mystery shopper program and it proved quite beneficial. It’s amazing what your teammates say and do on the phone on a daily basis. Once they hear themselves, they are enlightened and behaviors improve dramatically, almost immediately. Our dealership conducts itself far more professionally and consistently via the business phone as a result of Jim’s program.

Ken Sharboneau – ” …I am extremely pleased with the results.”

In the beginning, I was not a proponent of the CSS mystery shopping and sales training program. Knowing this, our dealer principal put me in charge of the program. Now that our people have completed the entire program I am extremely pleased with the results. The CSS training program brought top-of-mind awareness to our people regarding basic fundamental customer service and selling concepts. The mystery shopping part of the program got our employees talking about these concepts, which created a high level of awareness to make sure they were implementing them with the customers. I am pleased to say all of our people experienced substantial increases in their post-mystery shopping evaluation scores. Our sales and profits are up and most importantly, our customers are extremely happy.

Stephen Ross – “Jim is a pleasure to work with”

Jim’s mystery shopping/training approach is unique. It’s the most effective process to improve your results I have ever come across. You learn the employees’ needs after they are shopped; the training is effective in sharpening their skills and then you can measure and hear the effectiveness of the training. In our current economic environment, this is a must to invest in with a quick return. A dealership needs to stand out above its competition… Success is a satisfied customer who purchases needed goods and services from you and walks away satisfied feeling they were properly served. Jim’s proven program can help your business stand out above your competition and improve your bottom line results. Jim is a pleasure to work with, he understands the needs of dealers and his follow-up and persistence will prove he lives what he teaches.

Vince Sullivan – “…excellent and meaningful training provided by Creative Sales Solutions…”

Thanks to the help our staff received from the Creative Sales Solutions training, I thought you’d like to know that 2012 was a record year for Southern Acquisitions. While organic sales increased more than 25 percent in a relatively flat market, we also experienced considerable professional growth among our sales and service employees. Many of our key employees have commented about the excellent and meaningful training provided by Creative Sales Solutions and the value of the training in performing their jobs and increasing sales.

Our top salespeople, many of whom I thought would offer some push-back, have been the most surprising to me. They have emphatically commented they learned things to give them an “edge,” and they have written business by using the proven concepts taught in your training and the individual one-on-one sessions with your trainers. Our employees have renewed confidence in what they do – and I believe their positive response to the training is their acceptance that we invested in training to help them achieve success.

Overall, we are working better as a team, which was our theme for the last few years, and your training has helped make this happen along with providing opportunities for sales growth. Thanks and best regards,


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