Beverly Leavitt – “I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Facente…”

Jim Facente presented Creative Sales Solutions Sales Training Program to the Canada East Equipment Dealers in January 2009, utilizing “real” research he obtained prior to the presentation through mystery shopping some of the participating dealerships. This exercise and the results were tremendously enlightening to everyone and quite shocking to some. The sessions Jim presented were the cornerstones for the success of our event and far exceeded anything he promised to deliver.

Jim’s sales training was chock full of information that could immediately be applied by every salesperson in their “real world” daily circumstance. As a meeting planner, it is important to me that I retain presenters and trainers who do a good job. Jim did a great job and because he did, it made me look great, too. Thank you for that.

Equipment dealers and their sales staffs are a tough group to win over. The fact that Jim did exactly that with such ease and created so many raving fans out of the most highly trained equipment dealership staff speaks volumes. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Facente to anyone who was interested in a great return on investment.


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