Dan McHugh – “We are extremely pleased with Creative Sales Solutions.”

We took advantage of the opportunity to have Creative Sales Solutions randomly call, record and evaluate the customer service skills of some of our parts and service employees. During a review of the calls, we noticed some gaps and contracted with Creative Sales Solutions to provide training to help employees fill in those gaps to build stronger relationships with our customers and increase sales. 

Following training, we created an incentive program based on increases of line-item sales. We experienced a sales increase as much as 30 percent on line-item sales. This shows employees not only embraced the training but applied the techniques they learned. 

We are extremely pleased with Creative Sales Solutions. Not only are we going to put new employees through the training but we’re going to put all employees through a follow-up program to make sure they continue to apply the concepts they learned in training. We are a service-driven dealership and Creative Sales Solutions has become a trusted partner in working with our employees to make certain Vermeer North Atlantic provides exceptional customer service.

We are pleased to recommend Creative Sales Solutions as a training partner to any dealership.


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