Equipment Sales Training

Equipment Sales Training Program

CSS has conducted recorded evaluations of more than 1,000 equipment employees, representing every major brand of equipment.

How Skilled Are Your Salespeople at?

  • Uncovering the customer’s buying motive?
  • Qualifying the customer?
  • Overcoming a request to just “text, email or fax a quote”?
  • Having a well-prepared sales presentation?
  • Finding out who is the decision maker?
  • Getting an appointment?

What CSS Found After Performing Recorded Performance Evaluations For More Than 1,000 Salespeople.

  • 85.7% failed to make an attempt to uncover the customer’s buying motive.
  • 82.3% failed to ask qualifying questions
  • 86.2% emailed a quote without getting an appointment
  • 81.3% were unprepared to overcome objections
  • 91.5% failed to make an attempt to find out who was the decision maker
  • 84.6% failed to make a concerted effort to get an appointment to meet with the customer

What Makes the CSS 15-Month Sales Program Different From All Other Training Programs?

There are two major problems with most all training programs:

  1. How do you motivate employees to adopt and apply the concepts presented in the training?
  2. How does management measure the effectiveness of the training?

The CSS program overcomes these two major problems by combining recorded evaluations as part of our training program.

  • First, we record and evaluate your staff and provide you with the recordings and graded results
  • We then present our live 2½ hour webinar Sales Training program
    • The program is based on how the TOP employees CSS evaluated handle the customer
    • We play actual recordings so your employees can hear the techniques of the TOP people
    • We tell your employees they are going to be tested  after the training with a surprise unannounced recorded evaluation motivating them to implement the training
  • Our after training recorded employee evaluation test provides proof to you that our training really works
  • We then do an online one-on-one coaching session with each employee of their unannounced recorded evaluation
  • We then begin a 12-month follow-up program to ensure your employees stay sharp

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