Parts & Service Training

CSS 15-Month Customer Experience & Sales Training Program

Creative Sales Solutions (CSS) has recorded and evaluated more than 2,500 parts and service employees at dealerships that provide sales and service for every major brand of equipment.

Do your parts and service employees

  • obtain detailed customer information, e.g., customer, phone number, location
  • offer additional parts or repairs for the job requested,
  • ask whether other parts or repairs were needed in addition to what was requested,
  • offer promotional-  or safety-related items to customers, and
  • ask for the order?
  • provide an exceptional customer experience

CSS found by performing a Recorded Performance Evaluation for parts and service employees that

  • 84.6 percent failed to obtain detailed customer information
  • 80.1 percent failed to offer additional parts or repairs for the requested job,
  • 90.4 percent failed to ask whether other parts or repairs were needed in addition to what was requested,
  • 92.4 percent failed to offer promotional- or safety-related items, and
  • 83.8 percent failed to ask for the order
  • 90.2 percent failed to provide an exceptional customer experience. 

The CSS Difference

What makes CSS training programs different from all the others?

  1. CSS begins by recording and evaluating a dealership’s parts and service employees and provides dealer principals with recordings and graded results.
  2. CSS then presents its sale training program.
    • The program is based on how the top employees recorded and evaluated by CSS communicate with customers.
    • CSS trainers play actual recordings so employees can hear the techniques used by top dealership employees.
    • CSS informs employees they will be recorded and evaluated again after training motivating them to implement the training.
  3. Employees then receive four weekly videos to reinforce the concepts presented in training.
  4. Post-training evaluations provide proof to dealers that CSS training produces results.
  5. CSS then conducts online individual coaching session with each employee and evaluates the results.
  6. The CSS 12-month follow-up program, which includes monthly reminder videos, ensures employees continue to apply what they learned in training to help build stronger and more profitable customer relationships.

CSS sales training is designed to increase a dealership’s sales without adding sales staff, finding new customers or spending more money advertising to attract new customers.




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