Beverly Leavitt – “I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Facente…”

Jim Facente presented Creative Sales Solutions Sales Training Program to the Canada East Equipment Dealers in January 2009, utilizing “real” research he obtained prior to the presentation through mystery shopping some of the participating dealerships. This exercise and the results were tremendously enlightening to everyone and quite shocking to some. The sessions Jim presented were the cornerstones for the success of our event and far exceeded anything he promised to deliver.

Jim’s sales training was chock full of information that could immediately be applied by every salesperson in their “real world” daily circumstance. As a meeting planner, it is important to me that I retain presenters and trainers who do a good job. Jim did a great job and because he did, it made me look great, too. Thank you for that.

Equipment dealers and their sales staffs are a tough group to win over. The fact that Jim did exactly that with such ease and created so many raving fans out of the most highly trained equipment dealership staff speaks volumes. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Facente to anyone who was interested in a great return on investment.

John Schmeiser – “CSS’s program is highly beneficial to any employer…”

Jim Facente’s company, Creative Sales Solutions, provides high-quality training to employees. Specializing in mystery shopping employees and personnel, CSS reviews the impressions the business is giving to a potential customer, critiques it and provides training to improve the customer relations skills of employees. CSS’s program is highly beneficial to any employer who wants to train employees to become professional representatives of the organization.

Cam Bode – “Jim did an outstanding job and kept the program extremely interesting.”

After the CSS training was completed, I polled our employees to see what they thought of the program. Following are employee comments:
• Very good experience. I would highly recommend.
• Very practical and easy-to-implement ways to dramatically increase sales.
• Needless to say, it is a very eye opening experience to go through the feedback provided by the mystery shopping recordings. Listening to my mystery shopping recordings was invaluable to me.
• Valuable tips. Positive experience. I’m already increasing my sales.
• Practical presentation of issues, received practical tools that can be easily applied in my department.
• Jim did an outstanding job and kept the program extremely interesting.
• A very different and refreshing approach to ensure we are looking after our customers, solving their problems and increasing our sales.

Wes Bollingmo – “…CSS training program showed us how to expand our skills…”

When I’ve attended customer service and sales training programs in the past, I often walked away feeling it was a complete waste of my time. With the CSS training program, I found real-life customer service and selling ideas that were practical and easy to implement. Our company has always had a very strong focus on providing outstanding customer service and the CSS training program showed us how to expand our skills in this area while, at the same time, increasing sales. Many of our employees who attended the training mentioned to me that they found real value in the program and it was well worth the time they spent attending the training.

Jennifer Carroll – “Our team not only embraced the training but had fun with it.”

We expected the program to provide our team with progressive sales techniques, engage us in the process of selling, and provide feedback and development tools to further the team’s development to increase sales volume and margins. Our team not only embraced the training but had fun with it. Within weeks, the program had employees working harder and learning more because of the anonymity of the training method. We are pleased with the development of our team and have increased sales as a result of participating in the program.

Marvin Hoffman – “We definitely recommend this association program…”

Training provided by Creative Sales Solutions centers on building strong customer relationships to generate more parts and service sales. As a result of Creative Sales Solutions working with our employees, there is a noticeable difference in how our employees now handle phone calls – even walk-in customers – and we are getting the results we expected. We definitely recommend this association program to dealers who are interested in boosting parts and service sales.

Harvey Schimke – “We appreciate the help and the professional manner…”

I can confirm the CSS training program made us look at some of the ways we were doing things in all of our departments. We have made changes in the way we approach and handle our customers by being made aware of how we could do things better. We appreciate the help and the professional manner in which the CSS staff and you enabled our company to look at ourselves through a new set of glasses.

Wayne Feltz – “I am extremely pleased with the CSS…”

I am extremely pleased with the CSS mystery shopping and sales training program. The program motivated our employees to use basic fundamental customer service and selling skills that so often get overlooked during busy times. The training has resulted in substantial increases in our employees selling skills, which has translated to increased sales.


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